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Howl ‘in’ Wolf, well sulking little wolf pup! 3 colour screen print.

Here is the finished print of my wolf pup. 3 colour print, ultramarine, white, and a pink nose. You can read about the development of this print here.
This is an Edition of 100 printed on beautiful japanese Atsukuchi paper, which is only 57gsm. Light but very strong. 485mm x 320mmWolf screen print
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Hare screen print – in progress

Hare drawn in Indian InkThis is the first positive i’ve drawn for a new screen print. This is indian ink on clear film. It’ll be a 3 colour print. this “layer” will be ultramarine.

Tricky little trickster, the hare. Mad as a march hare. A broken-hearted maiden. A starer at the moon.
All these things and more is the hare.

The constellation Lepus represents a hare. It is just south of the constellation Orion, it is sometimes represented as a hare being chased by Orion’s hunting dogs.

The association of rabbits and hares with the moon can be found in numerous cultures all over the world, from Japan to The British Isles. In Western folklore it’s the “Man in the Moon,” in other societies it is more commonly the “Hare (or Rabbit) in the Moon”.
Pagans believed that a hare staring at the moon brought fertility, This maybe is linked with the fact that rabbits and hares give birth to large litters in the early spring and they are prolific breeders.

The Hare is linked with the pagan Goddess for Easter, Ēostre. The connection the hare has with the Easter Goddess is difficult to pin down. In Northern Europe in the 19th century there are folk customs involving the hare around the period of Easter. However it is recognised that this link with easter goes back further. The sacredness of this animal reaches back into a more distant past, where it was probably an important part of the great Spring Festival of the prehistoric inhabitants of the British Ilses.

Eostre’s influence began to wane as Christianity stared to take hold in western europe. As a result of Eostre’s demise the hare started to become a symbol of trickery. Sometimes they were viewed as witches in animal form. Numerous folk tales tell of men led astray by hares who are really witches in disguise, or of old women revealed as witches when they are wounded in their animal shape.

And so it goes on! There is a rich folklore involving the hare across all cultures.

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Howl – Are wolves really all bad?

Work in progress for a new screen print. This is one of the positives for a 3 colour screen print. It is indian ink on transparent film.

“Keep the wolf from the door”

The saying, means to stave of hunger and poverty. The wolf represents bad things, right. Well not always. Recently and in christianity the wolf is a representation of evil deeds (menacing flocks of sheep etc). The wolf in the bible is used as a metaphor for evil men with a lust for power and dishonest gain.
positive for wolf screen print
But, in Turkic and Mongolian mythology for example, the wolf is revered. In an old Turkish Myth, The legend of Asena, A She wolf takes care and nurses a baby left by Chinese soldiers after a raid on a small village. the she-wolf then gave birth to half-wolf, half-human cubs, from whom the Turkic people were born.

In roman mythology Romulus and Remus were nursed by a she wolf.

In Japanese mythology, grain farmers once worshiped wolves at shrines and left food offerings near their dens, beseeching them to protect their crops from wild boars and deer.

so not all bad! However the Native American see it both ways depending whether you were a hunter or a farmer. Wolves were generally revered by tribes that survived by hunting, but were thought little of by those that survived through agriculture.

So it seems to cut both ways for the wolf.

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Can you hear those sirens calling you?

limited edition screen print - ocean swimmer
The third in my ocean series of screen prints. This one is more of a waterman than a sailor, with a nod to the watermen on Hawaii who thing nothing of paddling a long board between O’ahu and Maui. This print is about the ocean. The figure is not really tattooed but his body is a frame for the waves and water within it. All beautiful things come with some peril involved. The Sea is an unforgiving territory that has claimed many lives. The two sirens on the figures legs bear witness to this, they are representations of mermaids that sing sweetly to lure sailors on to rocks. Like all the other prints in this series the figure faces away from us, we can’t know this mans face as we can’t fully know the ocean.
This print is titled, Ocean Swimmer.

This print is printed with 3 colours, light blue, black and white and printed on japanese Atsukuchi paper, which is only 57gsm, but don’t be fooled although this paper is thin it is very strong with a waxy finish which makes the ink stand up on it.
there are only 15 of these.
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I can reach you over an ocean… nice octopus!

Limited edition screen print- sailor with peacck

The second in my ocean series of screen prints, this sailor heavily tattooed with an octopus and a peacock, strange combination you might say. But, the peacock is a symbol of immortality and the octopus although vaguer in it’s symbolic meaning represents reaching into a lot of things. I like the marriage of the two meanings. Old sailors tattoos are often in some way trying to protect or act as a trophy or an award, I like the idea that this sailor can stare out into the ocean unafraid of death and feel like he can go anywhere he pleases without any risk of harm.
This print is titled, Sailor with peacock

This print is black and white printed on japanese Atsukuchi paper, which is only 57gsm, but don’t be fooled although this paper is thin it is very strong with a waxy finish which makes the ink stand up on it.
there are only 15 of these.
They are all available in the shop
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Artcrank screen print

Following its UK debut last year, bicycle-themed poster show ARTCRANK is returning to London with a host of new work. Hosted at Old Street cycling café Look Mum No Hands, ARTCRANK London 2011 features limited-edition original cycling-inspired prints from 26 UK artists and designers, including the graphic talents behind cycling ’zines Boneshaker and The Ride Journal.
Read about it at design week or the artcrank site
Heres a look at the print I did “in the air”Artcrank screenprint

New shop open, japanese print inspired screen prints

My new shop  is open for business. Currently my “maker” series and a couple of other screen prints are for sale on there.
All prints are hand pulled by me! All limited editions.
I’m close to finishing the 3 prints on my “Ocean” series and they will be up shortly.

In the surf screen print